Adventure and Mountains

We are kyrgyz trekking agency for people with a sprite of adventure, inquiring mind and interest in mountainlands. We offer you trekking and stay in yurt on the highest mountains in the world outside the Himalayas.
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Our agency offer you unforgettable adventure trekking and on horses tours around Issuk-Kul. You will appreciate the principal natural richness of the country - Mountains. More than half of Kyrgyz Rupublic lies at an elevation higher than 2,500 m (8,200 ft), and only about one-eighth of the country lies lower than 1,500 m (about 4,900 ft). Glaciers and permanent snowfields cover more than 3 percent of Kyrgyzstan's total land area. More informations.....
Stay in yurt--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Yurt for the Kyrgyz people is more than just a comfortable dwelling, it is a style of life. It was created more then thousand years ago. We propose you to have a stay in the yourte in the Kirghize mountains, where you can experience the nomadic Kirghize lifestyle: accommodate in the yourtes, travel on foot or on horseback, accompanied by a shepherd guide. More informations...


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